Kingdom Economics

A cellphone or computer-based course about ten Biblical principles of economics. These set people free. And nations.   Click on the picture below to get to one of the modules.

These give the Biblical basis for economic uplift from the slums, but are applied at five levels: individual, family, community, national and international development.  This course is a prerequisite for the Entrepreneurial and Organizational Leadership course that develops the practical steps of forming businesses.

How does the course work?


Click on one of the modules above.  It will include from 2 to 6 podcasts that you can listen to, as you are riding, driving or sleeping!!!  Your aim is to:

  • Listen to thirty of these audio podcasts.
  • Do the weekly assignments.
  • Check them off on the evaluation in the last week in order to get your certificate from your local trainer. 
  • Supplemental in the modules are some Power Points that pastors can edit and use for preaching, and one to three page summaries of the topic or a longer article for those who are more academic. 
  • Usually this begins with a one or two day training, then 30 podcasts then a final day of storytelling and certificates, supervised by a local trainer.

How was this training developed?

This course is part of a teaching backed by the Urban Leadership Foundation.  It has grown from teaching learning networks of pastors and workers in the slums of over 40 cities in the world that link together in the Encarnacao Alliance. It has also been developed as a Community Economics course in the MA in Transformational Urban Leadership (MATUL), training slum movement leaders, and applied in some Western national settings published in the book, Kiwinomics: Conversations with New Zealand's Economic Soul.